Sadly, unbuilt: Marina’s Institute and Community Centre.

Last November, I sandwiched a 36 hour stay in Podgorica between a conference in Switzerland and a trip to Ukraine.  The Karver bookstore under a bridge that crosses the Ribnica inspired my impromptu day trip to Cetinje, to visit the ruins of the Obod Refridgerator Factory.

Cetinje, August 2009. Photo c/o Wikipedia.

Today, it was the unsuccessful search for a modern crèche at the MoMA Design Store, that led me to Bernardaud’s collaboration with performance artist Marina AbramovićUnsurprisingly, this took me to 620 Columbia Street in Hudson, New York, which brought me full-circle back to the afternoon I spent at the Obod Refrigeration Factory.

Bernardaud presents Abramovic Method: Misfits for the Table Plate Set A.

You can visit the empty shells of MAI in Hudson (New York) and MACCO in Cetinje (Montenegro).  Misfits for the Table Plate Set A and Set B are currently on sale at MoMA Design Store.

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