Thanks to Ty Haney’s IG account, I found out about Odieso.

For those of you who don't know Ty Haney, she is the Founder of Outdoor Voices, a company whose name I love and whose one-scoop ice cream cone logo I adore.  She's also been interviewed by two of my favorite blogs: ManRepeller and Into The Gloss, which, as I come to think of it, is how I found out OV in the first place.

Outdoor Voices and their ice cream cone logo.

OV makes "activewear for non-athletes" and, like many other post 2010 start-ups, has this thing (rightly so) for Helvetica/Futura/sans-serif fonts.  As with other start-ups that I adore, I've enjoyed browsing through the IG feeds of their founders (read: Nicole Najafi of Industry Standard and Emily Weiss of Glossier) and well as fashion influencers like Amy Stone.  Nicole's feed (both personal and company) and Amy's often feature books that, yes, I end up buying.

Hashtag Nancy+Drew+Sleuthing.

This is all to say that it's not my first rodeo in Nancy-Drew-sleuthing a product from someone's IG feed (that stack of books; the map behind the pineapple) or even an Into The Gloss #topshelf photo.  While scrolling through Ty's feed (all the way back to the 2014s!), I found Folch Studio's Odieso Magazine.

Odieso, Volume 4.

And if I only knew who Naomi was, I'd ask her about the book underneath.

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