Le Corbusier and Notre Dame du Haut.

Like many other things in my life these days, I found out about Le Corbusier‘s Notre Dame du Haut from Instagram, thanks to Mary Corman‘s feed, daughter of filmmaker Roger Corman. [I also found out from the lede of this NYTimes article that Le Corbusier died from drowning during a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.]  The church is only an hour and 15 minute drive from Basel Switzerland, meaning I’ve flagged it for the next time my travels bring me within train distance.

Mary Corman’s photo of Notre Dame du Haut.

The remoteness of Notre Dame du Haut brings to mind Chiesa Madre in Sicily, as well as the monastery in tucked away in Big Sur that travel writer Pico Iyer takes a pilgrimage to at least once a year.  Two other places that Mary’s feed prompted me to bookmark include: Edward Hopper’s studio in NYC and Château La Coste in France.

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