Gibellina, Sicily; La Chiesa Madre and Il Grande Cretto.

La Chiesa Madre designed by architect Ludovico Quaroni. Photo found on Pinterest via @angie_hepburn.

More often than not, I learn about cool new places through friends. It came as no surprise that when I recently reconnected with a friend, whose style I’ve long admired, she would tip me off to new place that I am now longing to visit: Gibellina, Sicily to see Alberto Burri’s Grande Cretto (a project that took three decades to realize).

A still from Petra Noordkamp’s film, Il Grande Cretto di Gibellina.

As I searched for images of Burri’s memorial to the town lost in an earthquake in 1968, I stumbled upon the short films of Petra Noordkamp, which in turn introduced me to architect Ludovico Quaroni and his other-worldly Chiesa Madre, a nearby church in Gibellina Nuova.

A still from Petra Noordkamp’s film “La Madre, Il Figlio e L’architetto.”

I’ve since added both to my map.

(PS – Thank you Megan!)


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