The books on top of Elle’s head.

Elle Fanning with books on head. Photo by Vogue. Books by Frederick Warne & Co.

A few weeks ago, I learned that Selena Gomez is the world's most followed person on Instagram.  While scrolling through her feed, I found a photo of Elle Fanning with a small stack of books on her head.  The titles: Music. Cacti. Weather. Ships.  With "Warne" written along the spine (along with little numbers: 16, 27, 22, 15), it didn't take much googling to figure out that these books are part of the Observer's series published by Frederick Warne & Co (the same publisher of the darling books by Beatrix Potter).

Logo of Frederick Warne & Co.

Also, I'm also loving the color coordinated prints of the books by Photos by Tom Tom, all available for purchase on his website.  <Insert starry-eyed emoji here!>

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