A beer garden in the forest and a hike along the canal.

This past weekend, we ventured to the Maryland side of Great Falls Park as I heard a tip that it is noticeably less trafficked than VA, and I had also read about a charming new beer garden at Old Angler's Inn.

We started at the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center and walked North along the towpath for a couple of miles.  The anecdotal information I had been given (about it being less crowded) turned out to be true.  Over the course of 2 hours, we only encountered three groups of bikers and one group of picnickers in search of a table.

Heading north on the tow path at Great Falls (MD side).

The afternoon light was hitting the leaves just right, and it reminded me of remarks given by President Drew Faust five years ago at Morning Prayers.  The phrasing of her reflections resurface in my head every time I observe the autumn light "slanting" through the trees, reminding me of quiet moments of solitude in Memorial Chapel.

Morning Prayers given by President Drew Faust .

After our walk, we headed over to Old Angler's and got burgers and beers (and ice cream 🙂 in the year old beer garden. The sun was starting to set and the temperatures beginning to cool.  The manager informed us that there is usually live music on the weekends and Friday.

Entrance to Old Angler's Beer Garden.

The beer garden was filled with hikers and bikers, enjoying the fire roaring in the nearby fire pit and lights strung up overhead. It was a perfect end to a perfect fall day.

Old Angler's Beer Garden, as seen from the music stage.

We will certainly be back.  And next time, perhaps on bike.

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