Bathymetry at the Cosmos Club.

Entrance to the Townsend Home in 1915, before it became home to the Cosmos Club. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Last Saturday, I joined the DC Chapter of the Explorer's Club for dinner and a lecture given by Marine Geoscientist, Norm Cherkis about the depths of our oceans.  The event was held at the storied Cosmos Club, a place also known by DC natives as the club for "people with brains".

Explorer's Club Flag.

Having left my notebook at home, I used the backs of receipts in my wallet to take notes (and have since stowed away an extra pen and notebook in both car and purse, JUST IN CASE).  Below are some cool facts that I walked away with:

If you want to visit the Cosmos Club but are not a member, check out the bi-monthly lecture series of the Philosophical Society of Washington, the oldest scientific society in our nation's capital.  The society is "committed to providing a forum to further scientific understanding and inquiry" and their lectures cover "all subjects of interest to intelligent men".  You can check out the titles, transcripts, and videos of previous lectures in their online archive, and attend the lectures in person as they are free and open to the public.

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