Where to buy maps that cover the wall.

The walls of our home are covered in maps: McArthur’s Universal Corrective Map of the World; an embossed gold map of the world that my artist sister-in-law made for us; the Explorer’s Guide to National Parks; a Polish map of “Deep Sea Services and Fish Handling” that was printed in Warsaw in 1980 (and purchased 35+ years later on eBay); a world map printed in Iran; and one that I purchased on a school trip to North Korea in 2010 (framed using Framebridge).

We also have our fair share of globes (a light up globe, a small plastic globe from Tajikistan, a pencil sharpener globe, another that belongs in a dollhouse), atlases that we have collected from around the world (a Ukrainian atlas printed during the Soviet Union, one from Serbia, one from Tajikistan), and books on maps.  And, given our love of travel and exploring new places, it should come as no surprise that we gave out mini-atlases as gifts at our wedding (and gifted globes to the groomsmen).

In light of my fixation with all things maps, the moment I spotted the large world map in the background of the Into The Gloss interview with Amber Venz Box, I set off searching for it.  A brief google image search revealed that the map is likely a discontinued Ikea Premiär World Map that measures 78″ x 55″.  Perhaps because the map is discontinued, it precludes the sourcing information to be included via either of Amber’s company’s products (Liketoknow.it or rewardStyle.com).

Also, an interesting side note: This map was pulled from Ikea’s shelves in 2015 because of the controversy it generated over Ikea’s labeling of the body of water between Korea and Japan. You can read more about the Sea of Japan naming dispute here.

Bafflingly, the Ikea map (which originally sold for $129 on Ikea’s website) is currently listed on Amazon for $450 (by a third party seller) and on eBay for $250.  But just last year, a copy of the map sold on EBTH for $14 (lucky bidder)!  Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for the politically incorrect Ikea map, here are four others to consider:

The BJÖRKSTA from Ikea ($99.99).

A coloring map of the world by Pirasta NYC ($29.99).

A detailed world map via Amazon ($38.99).

The world in blue via Amazon ($18.99).

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