The Spanish Steps in Washington, D.C.

Washington DC’s Spanish Steps are tucked around the corner from Embassy Row, just steps away from the Embassies of Laos, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Greece, Estonia, and Kenya. The Steps were part of the larger “City Beautiful” effort that kicked off in 1890s and early 1900s in an attempt to encourage “moral and civic virtue” amongst city dwellers.

The Steps were inspired by, and named after, their Roman counterpart. The Steps in Rome are much grander in scale and were constructed nearly 200 years earlier (from 1723 to 1725).

While you are in the “best DC neighborhood for influential people“, you can walk by the former Textile Museum (and what is now one of Jeff Bezos’ new homes), drop into the Woodrow Wilson House, and check out the police barricade on Belmont Road for the Obama’s along with the one in front of the Trump/Kushner home on Tracey Place.

An ESPRESSO recommendation

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