Don(ald) Judd.

Donald Judd has become a favorite over the years, and I love bumping into him (via his work) when I wander through a favorite museum (Large Stack at the light-filled Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City!).  Still on my “To do list” is to successfully remember to make a reservation for 101 Spring Street whenever I plan my next NCY trip.  I somehow always forget to plan ahead for 101 Spring, and because tours of the space have limited capacity, they fill up really quickly, meaning you can’t be spontaneous with this activity.

In May 2013, I made my way to Marfa with a friend to see more of Don in the wild.  We stayed in town for a couple of nights to check out the Chinati Foundation, bought a sweatshirt at Ballroom Marfa, and followed Judd’s footprints around town.

We then ventured out into the country for a couple of nights and stayed at Cibolo Creek Ranch. Little did I know that from Cibolo, we were only 15 miles (the way the crow flies) from both Casa Morales and Casa Perez, and 23 (again, assuming I was a bird) from Las Casas Ranch.


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