An afternoon in Cetinje.

Theroux on nostalgia, and taking me back to memories of a recent trip to Cetinje, Montenegro (November 2016) and my own nostalgia for a place I never knew: The Obod Refrigerator Factory.

“Without change there can be no nostalgia,” a friend once said to me, and I realized that what I began to witness was not just change and decay, but imminent extinction.

Paul Theroux, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

My visit to the Marina Abramović Community Center Obod (the former Obod Refrigerator Factory) was the result of picking up the book The Fridge Factory and Clear Waters at Karver (a cafe-bookstore located under a bridge and right alongside the rushing Ribnica), sending an impromptu IG message to Artist Natalija Vujošević (Marina’s co-exhibitionist at the Pavilion of Montenegro at the 2011 Venice Biennale), and hiring a driver to take me there the following day.


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