Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

From 1760 to 1799, Fort Hunt Park was part of River Farm, one of the five farms owned by General George Washington.  It sits 3.5 miles to the east of Mount Vernon and has hidden, low-trafficked walking trails that you can access from Parking Area E or by the parking spots alongside the Maintenance Facility.

Fort Hunt park History

In 1893, after nearly a century of private ownership by individuals other than George Washington, the United States government purchased the land and made Fort Hunt part of the U.S. Coastal Defense System.  Construction of Fort Hunt’s defenses were completed in time (but never needed) for the three-month (April to August) Spanish-American War in 1898.

During the 20th century, Fort Hunt served as the first African American ROTC training site (1931-1933), a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (1933-1942) that received a site visit from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England (1939), and a top secret WW2 military intelligence site only known by its mailing address, PO Box 1142.  Fort Hunt was transferred to the National Park Service in 1948 and today it’s is a great spot for a quiet walk where you can catch glimpses of the Potomac through the trees.

A nearby eating option, with Views of the potomac

Cedar Knoll | 9030 Lucia Ln, Fort Hunt, VA 22308

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