Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dyke Marsh is a tidal marsh and swamp forest home to over 300 different species of birds: woodpeckers (the hairy, the downy, the red-bellied, the red-headed), sapsuckers (yellow-bellied), owls (eastern screech, great horned, barred), and, well, you get the point.

Birdwatchers, dog walkers, joggers, and walkers frequent this peaceful spot and there is a bird walk every Sunday at 8am which is lead by experienced birders and organized by Friends of Dyke Marsh.  It’s definitely worth a stop if you are in the area and want a quiet place for reflection and stunning views of the Potomac.

On the 1.6 mile out and back gravel trail, you can peer at the boats docked at the Belle Haven Marina and check out the new MGM Casino that sits to the left of the (relatively new) Capital Wheel.  When you reach the boardwalk at the end the trail, look directly across the Potomac and you’ll see Rozier’s Bluff, your visual landmark for Fort Foote (now a park), a wartime defense for Washington, DC constructed during the Civil War.

Below are the three photos you’ll find on the informational marker at the trail’s head, c/o National Park Service, showing the erosion of the marsh.

A recommended Espresso suggestion post (or pre) walk

Bread & Water | 1512 Belle View Blvd. Alexandria, VA 22307


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